Kimberly Aultman 

Excerpt from The Program for Infant Toddler Care (PITC) website (2011): "The Program for Infant Toddler Care seeks to ensure that America's infants get a safe, healthy, emotionally secure and intellectually rich start in life." PITC's mission is to "increase the availability and quality of child care for all children under age three; disseminate information that increases the practice of responsive, respectful and relationship based infant toddler care; and
influence national, regional and local policies and practices so that the needs and interests of individual infants,          toddlers, and their families are the foundation for all curriculum development and program activity" (PITC, 2011).

PITC is the national leader in research, training, education, and curriculum development for infants and toddlers. The PICT curriculum is a relationship-based model in which the environment is carefully designed to foster strong relationships between the child and caregivers.

The PICT website offers a range of resources. Some of the products and trainings are available for free while others are only available via paid training seminars. However, there is a nice library of resources with links to training modules for caregivers and parent education resources. I would recommend this site for early childhood education professionals who are currently working with or planning to work with infants and toddlers, administrators who want more knowledge of developmentally appropriate practices for infants and toddlers, and early childhood education students.

The Program for Infant Toddler Care website. (2011).